What I make

Below are galleries of some of the different things I make.  If you see something you like, I'd love to hear about it.  If you see something you want, contact me and let's make it happen!  If you've got an idea for something new, let me know!

coat hooks

These are my biggest sellers.  They are beautiful, and no two are the same.  I make about a bazillion different kinds.  Flip throught the images and see if one is just right for you.

Crooked Sticks

These are my signature pieces.  They look fantastic hanging over a fireplace or couch, or going up a stairway, or just about anywhere.  


It will be no surprise - I LOVE trees.  Here I've come up with my own stylized versions using forked sticks and rounds cut from branches.  Often I use cut stones or live edge pieces of wood as stand-ins for landscape elements.  


Similar to my trees, this is painting with wood.  I use twigs, rounds cut from branches, live edges, cut stones, and anything else that feels right.  


I'm not sure if "bowl" is the right word for these.  Maybe it should be platter or serving something or other.  How about fruit bowl or centerpiece.  I even saw someone calling them dough bowls and trenchers.  Whatever I call them, they are carved freehand from wood I've collected myself here in Michigan.   Most of these have a live edge on the back or bottom of the bowl, while the inside is polished smooth.