Just about a year ago I was installing the mantle I made in this video.  The plank I cut was a little over 8' long, 4" thick, 20" wide, and by my math, tipped the scales at over 300 pounds. Watching the video, I have a cascade of visceral memories.  Two hours of doing a slow kneeling crawl around the log sucking in 2 stroke exhaust until my throat was raw, my eyes burned, and every facet of my knees was sore.  I remember the burning thighs and kinked back from rowing it out of the woods.  What looks like easy draw knife and scorp work had my triceps burning in the first minutes and reduced them to pudding by the time I was done.  I remember the spine compressing weight of moving the piece into the shop the hard way.  The stiff back from hours of stooped sanding.  And in case it's not obvious, the seconds-long snippets I've stitched together here were hours in the real world.  For all of that, I still love the thing.  So, what do you think?