Crooked Christmas Ornaments

Keeping with my habit of starting slow and gradually working my way into things I had my initiation into retail sales on Black Friday.  For those of you that don't know I am now selling at Art Is In Market at the Mall at Partridge Creek.  So, being my first time working retail, the realities of the job were a bit of a slap in the face.  For example, just standing for 8 hours is more work than working.  Smiling for 8 hours will actually make your face start to crack in half.  And you need some inexpensive stuff on your shelves.  Well, my legs and feet are just going to have to suck it up; I got some super glue for my face; and I decided to make Christmas ornaments for some painless impulse sales.  

So, after a trip to Michael's for some holiday stamps, Tractor Supply for a 1/4 mile of 14 gauge galvanized electric fence wire, and the wood shop for some branch rounds, I was ready to go.  


After a little tinkering, I decided on a hook shape I liked.  Then it was time to make a bending jig.  Which means welding.  I love welding.  I SUCK at welding.  BUT I'm good enough to make the metal I guess it's okay that it looks more like popcorn than a weld.    

Here's my first published video.  It's me making hooks.  It's a little less boring than watching someone paint a wall.  Maybe.

So, with a bucket of 300 or so hooks, it was time to sand, drill, install hooks, stamp and wipe on a coat of walnut oil.   I'll save you the tedium of that video.  But here's the finished, well, before I put the finish on.  .  I hope they sell.

The Crooked Stick Christmas ornaments.