I'm planning on selling at local stores and craft shows.  There's a show in Milford I'd like to do on November 2nd.  One hitch.  You need a display.  And they're smart too. They won't take my word for it. They want a picture.  

Last time I got serious about making a display I broke my thumb. When I say "broke", I mean bone sticking out and surgery and pins to put me back together and two months twiddling my thumb.  It's boring twiddling one thumb.  

Yes, that is my actual X-ray.  I've got a prize for the first one to find what else is funky in the X-ray.

Well, November 2nd is coming up quick and I couldn't put it off anymore.  So I made a display, and since I had to take pictures anyway, you get to see what I did.  


I really only had 3 requirements.  The shelving had to knock down to be portable, it had to be cheap and it had to look...well, it had to look right.

On the first point, I'd seen this design where the shelf frames were hinged like a bi-fold closet door.  This seemed perfect.  Plus with only 3 points of contact, it would be easy to level on lumpy ground.  On the second point I figured I could use 2x4's and scavenged branches. As for looking right...I had an idea.  And so, the mess begins.

As you can see, I'm a bit compulsive about keeping a neat work area.  What?  You don't see that?  Yeah, ok.  I'm a mess.  Just about done cutting though.  I only need to cut the slats to length, then it's assembly time.

Cutting slats to length.

Assembling the first shelf.

One down.  Fifteen to go.

I love that moment when the picture in my mind, or in this case, the Google SketchUp model I made, matches the thing in front of me. 

And here it is - the finished display set up in my yard for pictures.  Anyone want to come help me put all that stuff away?