The Crooked Stick Bridge

My wife is the leader of my daughter's girl scout troop.  The other day she was telling me about the "bridge-over" ceremony they were going to have.  Never heard of it?  Me neither.  Apparently when you graduate from one level of scouts into the next you walk across a bridge of some sort to symbolize the transition.  Kind of corny.  But they needed a bridge...which sounded fun.  

So the next day after the kids were dropped off at school, me and the dog went for a walk with the chainsaw.  What?  That's normal.  Right?  After a little looking and more than a little dragging I had two promising logs.  

Well...they looked promising to me.  Admittedly there was some yuck to take care of.  But that's the fun part.  That's where you get to find out what kind of cool shapes are buried under the yuck.  That's where you find the great staining.  And... well... okay... sometimes you find just a bunch of rotten wood that you can't do anything with.  But not today.  

Step 1 - knock off the big chunks of yuck with the claw on my hammer. 

Step 2 - scour away the rotten wood with a wire wheel in the grinder. 

Step 3 - sand out the grinder marks.  blah! 

Step 4 - shape the top of the logs so they have flowing arcs that match...more or less.

Step 5 - deck it with some salvaged pine.

Step 6 - trim the ends of the decking...and DONE

See?  I told you.  Promising.

So, there it is.  One Crooked Stick bridge  Ready for girl scouts.